Understanding the Role of a Urologist

Individuals who are suffering issues with their urinary tract are going to see a urologist. Such doctors are also helpful if you are having problems with your reproductive system, as a man. There are many circumstances that could lead you to the office of a urologist. We are going to explore some of the conditions that fall under the umbrella of urology charleston sc.


One of the most common reasons why you would visit a urologist is when you are suffering from a UTI. These urinary tract infections can be very painful, but they are also very common. It happens when you have bacteria getting into the urethra from the digestive tract. Women most often experience UTIs.

Infertility – Male

Men who are not able to have children may want to see a urologist to understand their circumstances. Urologists can talk with you about possible treatments, while explaining the issues you are going through.


It is not a common condition, but some individuals do experience a problem with their urinary system that can result in loss of bladder control. It means that you are not able to decide when to release urine. It happens to women during and right after pregnancy in some instances, while it can also impact older men.

Prostate Issues

If you are experiencing an enlarged prostate or suffering from prostate cancer, you will benefit from seeking guidance from a urologist.

While this profession is not as well-known as some others, urologists play a pivotal role in medicine. They ensure that individuals who are suffering from the above conditions can get the treatment they need to get better.

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If you are experiencing any of the above issues, prostatitis, kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, or bladder prolapse, visiting a urologist is the best way to get an expert opinion on your circumstances.